Can't make sense of your software contracts?
Conquer the chaos.

Are you in the 90 percent of companies that are under-licensed on your software?

Do you know whether you're fully compliant?

Are you in the 60 percent of companies that do not understand their software licensing entitlements?

Would you have a large financial exposure if audited?

Are you one of the 60 percent that have "shelfware" that you're paying for, but not using?

If your organisation does not have complete visibility of the software you own and the T&C's it's governed by, you are not alone. If your software contracts have gone through multiple amendments, cancellations, or reinstatements, it can all be as clear as mud.

Gain more clarity and control of your software contracts with SAM best practices.

Our comprehensive 12 page Software Asset Management (SAM) guide will answer questions including:

  • What is Software Asset Management (SAM)?
  • What are the benefits of SAM?
  • How do I increase the maturity of my organisation's SAM?
  • How do I choose the best SAM tools?
  • How does moving to the cloud impact SAM?
  • What constitutes SAM best practice?
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